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This was a Christmas present for my son. He was so excited. The lake we live at allows atvs, so we decided to get him one this year. Putting the unit together was not to bad, good thing I have been around atvs my whole life because the disk it came with did not work, but was able to get it fixed without much problem. He rides it almost everyday, even in the snow and the 125 ATV gets around pretty good. Thanks again Tuff Atv's.

- Doug M. (01/23/18)

Thanks so much . I have recive the item. Y'all have been the best. If I could rate a ten I would. Thanks to all eveyone and hope y'all have blessed Christmas.

- Jennifer W. (12/03/17)

Hey Tuff Staff - I received my sons atv in time for Christmas ... it runs good and he loves it. Thanks again!

- Brian H. (01/04/17)! Thank you for clearing things up!! I will watch for the charger in the mail! My daughter absolutely loves her quad!!

- Marianna S. (01/04/17)

I found the problem. The Kill switch on handle bar had a wire broke loose. I fixed it and it runs great!

- Brian M. (12/29/16)

Thanks Amy for all you done for me and Kerry. Happy holidays to you and your family. Four wheeler is doing good . Thanks again

- Kevin D. (12/27/16)

Great news! I received a call from the trucking company and they delivered the ATVs at 11 today! Thanks so much for a Christmas miracle!! :-)

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

- Helen P. (12/22/16)

As a previous customer atv was delivered after being notified the previous day. It arrived within the hour projected. Very courteous driver and placed pallet directly in garage. So far all has been painless. Now to put it together..........thank you guys and gals

- Mike F. (12/22/16)

Thank you so much for getting us our new ATV so quickly (and before Christmas!).

- Elizabeth H. (12/22/16)

Thanks, I think we might have it under control now. The parts dept has emailed me and said they would ship it out today.

- Lynette G. (12/21/16)

Just want to say thanks for answering all my questions and staying in contact with me while i panicked over them getting here for Christmas in time, hoping they will be easy to finish assembling. Thanks everyone !

- Kayla S. (12/20/2016)

Yes, pushing down the brake does not help but tightly squeezing the right hand brake lever does.

Yes I read all that.

Thank you, I wish you could have read my follow up message before you had to use your time to respond.

Thank you very, very much.

- Tom (12/15/16)

Thank you folks,

Replacement parts were received today. I very much appreciate you all standing behind your product and great customer support.


- Richard H. (03/08/16)

I was a little hesitant about ordering an atv online. I reviewed many youth atv's on several other websites. I chose Solid Atv's because their description of the atv was very detailed and explained the different upgrades with the heavy duty options. Also the safety features were explained very well. Advertised price was exactly what was charged with no additional hidden fees. I ordered my atv 3 weeks before Christmas 2015 and was a little hesitant that it would be delivered and put together before Christmas. The processing was very quick and an email was received within a few days confirming the shipment. The shipping company contacted me the day before to set up a delivery time. The driver removed the boxed atv from the truck and put it right into my garage. Assembly was easy and the atv was as advertised. I was impressed with the quality compared to other expensive major brand models. I contacted customer service via email as a reflector and a safety flag was missing. They were shipped the next day. The atv started right up and and ran well. My son was very excited. I feel very confident contacting customer service if I have any warranty issues in the future. Thanks Solid Atv's for a great website and excellent service.


- Ryan S. (03/02/16)

No problem at all!! I'm happy as can be. I appreciate you're excellent customer service and will make note of it on my comments on the web!! It's been a pleasure over all. Thanks, Susie

- Susie F. (12/29/15)

Our order just got here! Y'all are going to make two girls very happy Christmas morning. We have really bad weather so won't unwrap and put together til tomorrow. Thank y'all so much

- Rebecca D. (12/23/15)

Good afternoon,

Shortly after sending this email, I received a call from someone at your location who explained the issues that was happening with this order. They informed me that it was being loaded on the truck there and would be here before Christmas. Thank you for your attention into this matter and I really appreciate your companies eager attempts to satisfy your customers. I'll keep you informed of any updates. Thanks again! v/r

- Benjamin T. (12/21/15)

I wanted to say thank you!! The ordering process along with speaking to your staff was a great experience.

Thank you

- Bill B. (12/07/15)

Thank you very much! Its been a pleasure working with you this far and I will be sure to refer your company to my friends and family.

Thanks again-

- Cortni A. (01/07/15)

Got 2 little 110 4 wheelers for my kids for Christmas. And they are awesome!!! Delivered in excellent shape, they seem to be very reliable and the kids love them.

- Sean D. (01/02/15)

Thanks. I got so focused on the extra harness I overlooked the obvious. It works great.

- Dan D. (12/29/14)

By the way the 2 times he rode it he absolutely loved it and keeps talking about it. Great bike!

- Joshua C. (12/29/14)


Just want to say Thanks for everything. I had NO trouble at all with anything. Shipping was good & it came in great shape. I had to call for help on spec. but got all the answers I needed. Friends have already said they love this thing. Thanks again for everything...

- Rick and Becky L. (11/21/14)

Thanks alot. Such great service, especially "after the sale" is rare these days.


- Dave A. (08/21/14)

You guys are great, I just send it, thank you again, great support.

- Pam D. (07/23/14)

Thank you for your great service.

- TJ Louis (07/18/14)

Hi, I just wanted to write this email to express my family's joy upon receiving the Falcon Go Kart. This thing is one mean machine! It arrived just in time for our family reunion and it was the hit of the weekend. I think it caused more fights between my brother and I wanting to ride it, than "reuniting" us together, lol. Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful service and super fast shipping. I am sure we will enjoy this kart for years to come.

- Ryan S. (06/02/14)

I am having so much fun with the Fugati 50cc, I just don't believe it, people asking me questions all the time where I got it, and about the fuel consumption($4.00 and it's full). I'm already thinking about getting the RACER 200, for next year, it is awesome.

- Jose R. (04/28/13)

We got all of our scooters put together, changed all the fluids, and took a quick spin. We are going to have a blast with them.. thanks!

- Debra C. (04/21/14)

Just got our Kodiak 110 for our son and it is great. We were nervous about ordering off of the internet but this has been really easy. Thank you so much for the services you provide.

- Travis C. (04/19/14)

We recieved our bike yesterday. Our grass has already been replaced by a very muddy track, so I guess he loves it. "Thank You"

- Rachelle and James (3/27/14)

Got my TumbleWeed 110 yesterday! We love it! My son rode all day long. My neighbors saw it and could not believe we paid so little for such an awesome atv! Thanks so much for all your help.

- Rodney (03/11/14)

We bought a 125 MidSize for my son and he loves it. Works great even in the woods. Climbs hills great and the price for even a 50 at a shop is $1000, Thanks Alot Solid Atvs!

- Beverly (02/22/14)

WOW what a deal just got my 6 year old son the TumbleWeed 110 cc 4 wheeler and he loves it, This thing is great, all the safety and quality of the brand names ones with a great price. I did a lot of looking around and comparing prices and this is the way to go. Thank you Solid ATV.

- Brad (02/08/14)

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of our new Raptor 125. It was here within 6 days. We bought it for our son's 11th birthday. He loves it and we love it, it's the cutest thing. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!!

- Nicole T. (01/18/14)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Solid ATV. We received our 4-wheeler in record time and we can't keep our son off of it!!! It's the coolest thing. Thanks again Solid Crew !!!!

- AnneMarie J. (01/09/14)

My son just received his first gas ATV (Tumbleweed 110). HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!! Thank you for the OUTSTANDING DEAL and the AWESOME SHIPPING CO. and for keeping us so informed. We couldn't be more pleased. I plan to tell everyone I know how to get a SOLID ATV. THANKS!

- Kevin M. (12/21/13)

WHAT A DEAL!!!! this atv looks ands runs perfect, my girl is having a blast and I'am happy because of the price. It was packed very,very well and arrived in perfect condition, thanks. Ive been telling everyone I see.

- Lynelle B. (12/12/13)

We bought the pink ATV for our daughter's 8th birthday and she just loves it. She wants to ride it all the time and we are having a blast watching her! Your shipping was great, the shipping company even unloaded the trailer early so we could pick it up at the dock to have for her birthday party!

Thank you for the easy website and the ease of ordering and your quality product. We will certainly pass the good word on to many of our family and friends.
Thanks again!

- Joe Z. (12/10/13)

Hi, my name is Steven and I recieved my Kodiak 150, it runs really good, quality is good and I'm really happy with my purchase. I like that that it only took less than two weeks to be delivered to my door step. My brother saw my atv and he couldn't believe that I paid so little for brand new atv. His bithday is coming up and he is going to order one for himself. Thanks to Solid team for great service and the good product.

- Steven (011/12/13)

I just want to tell you thank you for my rush order. My son loves his birthday present. It was a 110cc green camo. The look on his face was price less. I just wanted to say that we are happy with our order and will probably up grading in a few months or a year or so. thank you again you will be hearing from us again.

- Kristen and Jason (11/02/13)

My kid has been riding his Raptor 125 through tall weeds, mud, etc non stop for about 2- weeks now and the little wheeler is holding up great. I've been into Atvs most of my life and my opinion is these machines are a great value.

- Mark J. (10/10/13)

Solid ATV's, I got the 110 cc atv and my son loves it. I think it was a very good deal. I'm even thinking about maybe buying a 150cc for me. Thanks alot for everything.

- David F. (10/03/13)

Dear Solid ATVs,
I recieved my shipment, they are both great and my Grandkids love them! Thank you for having such a great deal for me to be able to get two ATV'S for my grandkids. Thanks again.

- Susan M. (09/26/13)

My daughter is having a blast with her new toy and now the whole family can go riding together. To see her flying around on the dirt trails makes a mom proud that she is following in my footsteps. Thank-you again for selling a good product at a great price that we could afford. I am recommending you folks to everyone I talk too. Have a great day!!

- Jennifer P. (09/15/13)

My brother-in-law referred me to your site and so I ordered without speaking to anyone. Thank you for all the e-mails letting me know every stage of what was going on with shipping and delivery. Great Service, Great Product!

- Joseph F. (09/02/13)

This was my first time buying something on the internet and I couldn't be more pleased! We ordered the ATV on Friday and received it the following Thursday! It runs great and I think I'm gonna have to purchase one for myself to ride with my kid. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

- Jeff C. (08/24/13)